Monday, September 04, 2006

Strange but true

My friend called John and I had been planning a trip for all the coutry for two years because both loved visiting new cities.We began the expeced trip in the south of the country. Everything was good, but the night was falling and we had to stop to sleep in some hotel. We saw an old hotel open and we decided to enter.When we entered a strange man received us, he e gave me the key of the room and we went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I began to hear rare sounds and I went out to investigate. Those sounds were from the garden. I was afraid but I decided to enter.When I entered, it was a great surprise for me because there wasn't anything. This is my story, this is my strange but true story. The next morning my friend and I went on with the trip.

World Cup

The World Cup increases our sense of nationalist for some reasons:
Firstly, becuase those competition encourage the nationalist feeling.
Moreover, because there are more flags and badges in this period than on 9th July.
Lastly, becuase the people for all the country have a common wish.
For those reasons, the World Cup increases our sense of nationalist and the union between the people for all the country.

The Weather

The Weather produces important changes in the people's mood. I believe that It can help people have good spirit or not.
In Argentina, for example, in the difierent provinces, the weather isn't the same and the people's mood is different too in each part of the country.
This effect is in the different continents. For example, in America, the people are more friendly than people in Europe, because in Europe there are smaller temperatures than America.
I think that the weather influences the people's mood and how we feel.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hi to every body... I'm Ignacio Freyre and I have 17 years old... I don't like do my homework (specialy the english homework) and go to the school...but this is my last year... I like watch TV, play football and come out to dance with my friends.
I hope that everyody comment my new blog...bye